Advanced Decision Support System for precision viticulture
Advanced Decision Support System for precision viticulture



The Precision Wine web based Decision Support System allow each vine-growers (single producer, consortia, association of producers, certification bodies) to benefit from timely and accurate information and suggestions, without disrupting the historically consolidated agronomical traditions and practices.

Indeed, with the application Precision Wine final system, it will be possible to fine tune wine production within the vineyard, maximizing the oenological potential and providing the decision-makers with daily information.

Starting from data collected through agro-meteorological ground stations and ESA and NASA satellite, following 4 models are initialized: 3D soil moisture, plant growth, grape ripening and diseases models. Starting from the output models the machine learning algorithms calculate final prescriptions. Finally the user-friendly web-based Human Machine Interface allow you to check day by day the new state of the art.

2016-06-14 16_23_55-Objectives of the Project

The system will allow the users to:

– address quality and production variability issues, by means of an advanced Decision Support System (DSS). This DSS is based on the well established and consolidated experience of 6 research centers involved in the european project into the development of models and algorithms applied to viticulture;

– receive notification and alerts by sms and email;

– export final prescription maps for VRT (Variable Rate Technology) or for any kind of intervention in the vineyard assisting the users in day to day management;

– Increase efficiency, timeliness and localization of all kinds of interventions, reducing the risks of diseases and increasing the oenological potential of grapes.

– overcome the grapes quality fragmentation in the same vineyard, allowing an holistic vision of all the area vegetative behavior, so that it is possible to monitoring and improving quality.

– Boost the new marketing functions of the wine producers, giving them maps, graphs, images and reports of the productions, that can be effectively used also as marketing tool for promoting their wine.