Advanced Decision Support System for precision viticulture
Advanced Decision Support System for precision viticulture





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Precision Wine

Precision Wine is the most powerful Decision Support System of Systems (DSSoS) for precision viticulture developed in the last 4 years by GaiaG and 6 European Research Centres funded by European Commision with 2.3 millions euro.

Processing data received through ESA and NASA satellites, aircrafts and ground sensors, it supports the users through the vineyard cycle, converting the huge amount of data in 18 types of final prescriptions. Considering that each prescription is provided for each pixel at a resolution of maximum 2 meters, Precision Wine provides you the opportunity to reduce your costs (irrigation water, fertilizers, pesticides, manpower) and increase the oenological potential of your grapes. This means lower costs and more revenues, thanks to differentiated harvesting of grapes and their better quality. Your earnings will be higher than the cost of the system license!

Precision Wine is a very complex and complete system, but it’s also very easy to use thanks to fully provided automation.
The best thing to do is to try the free demo, understand the power of Precision Wine and, directly within the demo, request a quote to activate Precision Wine on your vineyards.

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